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If you’re looking for some great meal deals in the Vancouver area, Money Saver has all the best savings! MoneySaver compiles available coupons and deals and is recognized as the #1 online, printable, and mobile coupon sharing site.

Rather than searching through Google for “places to eat”, head over to Money Saver for online deals and restaurants to access. Or, simply take a look at the list below of 5 Places to Eat in Vancouver. This list is compiled with a variety of dining experiences, both for eating at a sit-down restaurant, and for those interested in bringing dinner back home.

Boston Pizza

Get this coupon! Boston Pizza is offering a coupon for 50% Off Medium or Large Pizza , where you buy one medium or large pizza and get the second pizza of equal or lesser value. This coupon is valid for take-out & delivery only, so it can be enjoyed at home during a movie night. Expires July 21st 2017, so enjoy it while is lasts.

Stan’s Pizza Joint

Who doesn’t love a deliciously cheesy pesto bread? Well, after spending $20 or more on Stan’s Pizza Joint food, from Monday through Thursday, use this coupon for a FREE Pesto Cheesy Bread. Offering world class pizzas for the last 10 years, this is a great destination for a family night out. Come in quick! Coupon expires May 11th 2017,


Open since 2000, Yanni’s is a family owned and operated restaurant serving delicious greek food. Using fresh ingredients and home style cooking, this is a great place to eat for those looking for authentic Greek food. While dining out, enjoy this coupon from MoneySaver for $5 Off Your Next Food Purchase after spending $50 or more. Expires May 31st, 2017, so don’t wait long!

Dairy Queen

Looking for a hot sandwich? Stick with the classic Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, and order any of the hot DQ bakes sandwiches. These are delicious, and a great location to grab a dinner and an ice cream dessert. MoneySaver offers a coupon for $1 Off Any Hot DQ Bakes Sandwich. See the link for more details on this amazing deal. Expires June 30th, 2017, so hurry!

Surrey Pizza

A night out can’t go wrong when it involves pizza! Visit Surrey Pizza for classic pizza offerings at affordable pricing. It’s the best deal in town, receive a  FREE 2L Pop when you bring this coupon in for dinner. Conveniently located, this is a quick and easy dinner when looking to have a games & movie night with friends. Expires May 11th, 2017, so don’t miss out!



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Mother’s Day is about more than Mother’s; it is a celebration of motherhood. Motherhood can take on many different forms: mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, step-mothers, guardians, family friends, and mother figures in our lives. We celebrate this day as an acknowledgment for all that motherhood stands for- protection, guidance, and love. On Mother’s Day the best gift is always to ensure mothers are shown extra love!

While the best gift is always to ensure mothers are shown extra love and pampering on this day, it doesn’t hurt to also throw in a special gift! Some people give Hallmark or hand-made cards, their favourite flowers, delicious chocolates, hand-made crafts, home-made or a dine-out meal, or their favourite activity. Many mothers just hope to spend extra time with their family on this day, and not have to worry about the usual day-to-day stresses.

Money Saver has compiled a list of perfect Mother’s Day gifts, at affordable pricing, and great coupons you can use on this special day.

Night Out

Treat your loved one to a dinner out at Evedar’s Bistro! Enjoy this coupon for a Free Entrée for Mother’s Day. With not having to cook or clean this Mother’s Day, it’ll leave more time for fun activities with the family.

Another option is to eat out at Walker’s Wine Bar & Grill Seafood Restaurant. Money Saver has a 50% Off Second Entrée for you to enjoy so you can treat your loved one to one of her favourites!

Get Cleaning

While this may not be the most glamorous gift, it could be a necessary one. If storage is needed, whether it be a project being worked on or extra furniture cluttering up the home, take advantage of this coupon for Free Storage with U-HAUL. This could mean a clean home for Mother’s Day, a gift we know she’ll appreciate!

Looking to spruce up the home, use this coupon for 50% Off All Drapes & Sheers from Tip Top Dry Cleaners. This will help improve the overall inside look, adding an extra sparkle of clean around the home. We know this will make Mom happy!


As Mother’s Day approaches, look on Money Saver for any coupons for spa packages, facials, and massages. Finding the perfect coupon will ensure your loved one has a relaxing Mother’s Day.


Mother’s day should be packaged with a fun day alongside a special gift. Adding a card and poem to the packaging is always a nice way to express love on Mother’s Day.

Here’s a Mother’s Day poem that could be added to the gift:

My mother kept a garden, a garden of the heart.
She planted all the good things that gave my life it’s start.
She turned me to the sunshine and encouraged me to dream,
fostering and nurturing the seeds of self-esteem.
And when the winds and rains came she protected me enough,
but not too much because she knew I need to grow strong and tough.  
I am my mother’s garden. I am her legacy
and I hope today she feels the love reflected back from me.

spring cleaning coupons for the home

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As we bid adieu to winter and usher in spring, it’s the perfect time to purge, clean and organize. For some of us, spring cleaning seems daunting and downright tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s because we’ve made it easy to get your home spotless – inside and out – with huge savings that will sure put the “spring” back in your step! Here are our top 5 spring cleaning coupons:


Step into your home and be welcomed by clean carpets! Start your spring cleaning services with 10$ OFF oriental and area rugs at Kwik Dry Total Cleaning. Have your floors spotless in no time without leaving any residues or toxins behind! With highly-trained home cleaning teams, they will ensure that everything is completed to your satisfaction. You can be rest assured knowing that every spot will get the attention it needs.


We all know the feeling: you have too many clothes to even fit in your closet, yet you never have anything to wear. Organizing your closet and finally parting with your fashion past can be challenging, even when it comes to clothing that you don’t like or wear. Start off the season with newly organized closets for 40% OFF any order of $1000 or more or 10% off any order of $700 or more at Closets by Design

Home Cleaning

Free from clutter, debris, and dust – that’s the definition of clean. Why do it all yourself when you can get help from Jasmine Cleaning Services. Turn your home into a sparkling sanctuary by ordering cleaning services that are guaranteed to leave your hope spotless and microbe free! Right now, when you sign up for your first cleaning, you’ll get $20 OFF!  

House and Roof

What about the outside of your home? With harsh weather and long winters the exterior can easily build up with guck and grime. Trying to clean your house from top to bottom can be a dangerous feat, which is why we recommend getting the professionals to do it! Remove roof debris and keep gutters clean and safe from damage with $100 off Roof & House Washing Package at Property Washers.  Clear your gutters and make your roof look brand new.  


Winter pot holes and road salt can wreak havoc and damage your car. Restore your vehicle to its former glory with a Basic Car Wash for only $2.99 at Special Car Wash. Don’t forget the engine and maintenance checks with a Lube, Oil & Filter Change for $18.99 at Winges Auto Service Centre Ltd.  Redeem these coupons to get your car ready for safe travels in the warmer, summer months ahead.

Whatever your cleaning needs are, you can always find more coupons at Never lift a finger or empty your wallet  again! You can find coupons for restaurants, health, beauty, and specialty business in your area. Look to MoneySaver, your online one-stop-shop for huge savings this spring!

easter restaurant deals for the family

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Easter is a celebration of life and new beginnings. Along with its religious significance, it is also perfectly positioned to welcome the coming of Spring. It’s the perfect time to gather with our family and loved ones and indulge in good eats, sweets, and baked goods.  

This Easter, you can still enjoy a traditional family meal without having to spend hours cooking and tidying up in the kitchen. Choose to dine-out this Easter, and let someone else do the cooking so you can spend quality time with your family. Make planning easier, on you and your wallet, by finding great deals and coupons to your favourite places on  

Here are a few dinner ideas and deals you can enjoy this Easter:

Put a little swing on your traditional Easter dinner and plan a fun outing and dinner for two. Visit Bronte Sports Kitchen in Oakville and buy one dinner entrée at regular price and 2 beverages and receive the 2nd dinner entrée of equal or lesser value FREE.

Craving Thai?  Thai Lime Restaurant in Toronto has a great deal right now. You can get a free order of chicken pad thai with any food order of at least $45.   

Taste the best satay skewers at Satay Sate Indonesian Street Food in North York.  Save $5 when you spend $25.

For some people, any holiday meal is complete with a grilled steak. Dine in at South Shore Bar & Grill in Etobicoke and buy one dinner entrée at regular price and 2 beverages and receive the 2nd dinner entrée of equal or lesser value FREE

How about a delicious rack of lamb? This Easter at 39 Spices Flavour of India in Markham, you can buy one entrée at regular menu price and receive the second 50% off by simply showing your Money Saver coupon

Have you tried Moma Rose Restaurant in Mississauga? A popular place to enjoy a mouth watering chicken parmesan, a ribs and wing combo, chicken souvlakis, and steaks on the grill.  Get one Dinner Entrée at regular price and 2 beverages and receive the second Entrée of equal or lesser value for free with your Money Saver coupon at Mama Rosa Restaurant

Everyone’s favourite part of any good meal, dessert!  Treat everyone to a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, a classic favourite!  With your Money Saver coupon, you can get 50% off an 8” Dairy Queen ice cream cake in Mississauga.

Need more ideas for Easter dinner options that’ll save you money? Visit and find the best coupons for restaurants, entertainment, home, health and more. Money Saver is the most convenient way to get coupons. Simply search for deals, click, print or send directly to your email. In a way, it’s the new way of couponing. You don’t need to fidget at the cashier with crumpled up papers anymore! Money Saver is always readily available online for easy browsing – it’s couponing at a whole new level.

spring cleaning and home improvement ideas

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Spring has sprung! The sun shines brighter, the days are longer, and the warmer weather is here to stay.  The chill of winter has left our bones and we’re feeling renewed with a sense of urgency to scour the house clean. With warm weather here, it’s clear to see that we may not have been giving our homes the TLC they deserve. Now is the perfect time to go through your home and give it a thorough inspection. Look for any repairs or maintenance required. Completely rid your home of dirt and dust that has accumulated over the long dark season. We found the perfect spring cleaning and home improvement coupons to get you “springing” into action:

Electrical Home Inspection

Check to see if every switch works or if there are any wires exposed. If something doesn’t have proper electrical current – it’s time to get it fixed. Don’t be left in the dark get, $100 OFF electrical work in the home and get yourself back on the grid.

Laundry Day

Whether we do it on more than one occasion or different times for different loads, we can agree that both the washer and dryer get used more than frequently. All the months or years of exhaust buildup from lint, dust and debris can be hazardous. Relax and breathe easier when you receive FREE dryer vent cleaning when you purchase duct cleaning for your home.

Clean the Floors

Walking around outside during the winter isn’t fun, and neither is bringing your shoes indoors – they dirty your floors fast. Without having to break your back, you can now achieve the brightest and cleanest carpets with FREE Small Area Rug Cleaning when you order at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. You won’t have to look at the same old carpet stain ever again.

Window Cleaning 

The winter really wreaks havoc on windows. From the accumulation of snow, rain and dirt windows become grimy and covered with a layer of film. Start seeing clearer with $20 OFF Window Cleaning at Central Okanagan Grime Stoppers. Get your home’s windows washed and you’ll start appreciating the wonderful views of the neighborhood.

There are many more home cleaning coupons available at to help get your spring cleaning completed faster and on budget. Remember, you don’t have to clean out your wallet to have a clean home!

march break things to do

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Staying home over March Break? Perhaps a road trip to Disneyland isn’t in the budget this year and that’s okay, because there are so many activities you can do locally that can be just as fun and entertaining for the whole family.  Here are some ideas for things to do during March Break that’ll keep the kids happy and won’t break the bank:


Some parents continue to work through March Break and they need a safe, yet fun place to leave their kids while they’re at work. Day camps are the best option for working parents, you can choose from so many different types of camps based on your child’s interests like soccer, dance, music, art, adventure, gymnastics, and even science camps. Here is some information on day camps available in the Mississauga and Toronto areas. Your child will be able to have a full day of fun and activities with other children that share similar interests as opposed to staying home glued to their tablets!


Plan a “staycation” and become a local tourist in your city. Our daily routines can sometimes become patterns that we forget to check out new things in our own town. Check out a local museum, art gallery, or park. Then finish the day off with a new restaurant.


Dedicate one whole day of March Break to pampering yourself head to toe. Most women can agree that getting your hair done, followed by a manicure and pedicure, can actually take all day. That is of course, with a lunch and coffee break between it all. Why not?! We can all use, and deserve, a break whenever we can squeeze it in.


Check out good places to eat in your area! Treat you and your family to a night of good ol’ take-out comfort food. We all deserve to indulge once in awhile. Save money with food and restaurant coupons on Money Saver, just click, print, and save.


On a normal week, it’s hard to find the time to get some work done around the house between work and the kids, but during March Break, we can certainly find the time for it. Pull out your gardening gloves, rake, and water can. Start prepping your home and garden for Spring and clear out any trash and debris that may of been left behind on your lawn after the snow melted.  Plant some green!

Go for a full car wash and wash away the remaining traces of road salt from your car.  Give your car a good vacuum and polish inside and out. You can find deals and coupons for car washes and vehicle maintenance.

For all other things to do during March Break, browse Money Saver for coupons and offers to restaurants, entertainment, beauty, health, and more near you.  

family day activities to do

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Every February, we get the the chance to spend some much needed time with our families. As the years go by, sometimes the ability to be together lessens; as hectic work or school schedules and relationships take over. Family Day is an important day to enjoy the little moments and simple activities together: sharing a meal, engaging in conversation, participating in fun exciting games, or embracing new challenges around the house. These all have an enormous impact on both children and families, as they help build a stronger community and develop a sense of identity.

We live in a very diverse and multicultural country, which is reflective in our daily habits or cultural activities. There are many different ways to enjoy Family Day: some families might prefer spending the day in the coziness of their own home, while others would rather take advantage of the outdoors. Whatever the choice, take advantage of spending the long weekend together with family-friendly fun!

Make this Family Day a tradition for your family. Let it be an opportunity to celebrate your commitment to your family and values. Use this day to create new traditions and carry on old ones. We’ve made it easier to find some great ideas and activities you can do together – and on budget! Take a look at our top things to do for Family Day and let it inspire new traditions, and develop new bonds with those who are you keep closest to the heart.

Good Ol’ Fashioned House Cleaning

Take a moment to make your house into a home! Get the family involved in cleaning up the house. If it’s a big job – we have big help! Get all the corners picked up, floors scrubbed and $20 OFF when you sign up for house cleaning. Want to vacuum, but need a better suction? Redeem our coupon for a new central vacuum system that will clean up any room in the house: from dirty children’s room to messy kitchens. Kids got messy closets  and you need more room? Get 40% OFF any closet redesign and let the kids clean out their closets easily!

Make It A Movie Night

“Pop” the popcorn, spread out some blankets, and relax on the couch as you watch your favorite family movie together. Why stop there? When you can add more great titles to your family film collection. Stop by Buy & Sell Kings to purchase a new movie and get one FREE! Whether, it’s horror, comedy or romance your family is looking for, you’ll be sure to find it in their large selection. Make your Family Movie Night more interesting! Play a movie trivia game with the kids and get in on the laughter as you guess famous actors or actresses, and other movies they’ve been featured in.

Activities, Games & Sports

There is an endless supply of fun-filled activities your family can enjoy participating in this Family Day. Play some “brain” exercise games like trivia, puzzles or jigsaws, even chess can be fun when it requires a lot of strategy. Don’t forget about the classic board games (we all grew up playing). For the tech-savvy lovers, there’s a whole array of video game selections: XBOX, Playstation or Nintendo consoles. Get a ping pong or billiards table, and test out your skills in a competitive family match-up. Prefer the outdoors? Bundle up, put on comfortable shoes and go on a “family walk”. If you have a nice trail nearby, take advantage of it. If it’s a snowy white day, build a snowman! Take in the fresh air in the backyard or at the park with a friendly sports game. No matter what you choose – make sure to enjoy the fun!

Dine In or Order Out

Most people say, “there’s nothing more important than eating together.” And it’s true! Research proves that families who spend meals eating together (breakfasts, lunches or dinners) have positive effects and benefits on child development. Take advantage of Family Day to enjoy your favorite meals together. We’ve made it easier for you to choose from a great selection of places you can eat-in or take-out. Get your dinner started with a gyro dinner, chicken souvlaki, New York steak or ribs combo and a receive a  FREE Entree when you order at South Shore Bar &Grill. Don’t forget to view their kid’s menu. Sink your teeth into over 200+ (and growing) flavours of deliciously mouth-watering wings and receive 15% OFF your dine-in order at AllStar Wings & Ribs. Want to make it a pizza night? No kid can resist the powers of pizza! Parents get excited, when you buy a Medium or Large Pizza at Domino’s – get the 2nd Pizza FREE! Enjoy your favorite foods, but remember to enjoy the moments together.

Whatever way you choose to spend the day with you family, find great deals and coupons for local restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and more at Money Saver. You can find mobile coupons to save or print, that will keep you saving on the things you love to do! It’s free and easy to use: subscribe for new deals and coupon notifications in your area or interests directly to your email inbox!

romantic valentine's day ideas

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Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to the love we have for our significant others and partners, but also for family and friends too. But, despite what all the jewelry ads would have you believe, the size of your credit card bill does not have to be proportionate to the size of your love. Not breaking the bank doesn’t mean you’ll break your partner’s heart. Saving and romance are not mutually exclusive; you can have a Valentine’s Day to remember without spending all your money. Here’s how:

Stay in!

Going out for a romantic dinner at one of the city’s finest restaurants is nothing to scoff at. You have to make reservations, find parking, navigate through cold winter weather, and go all the way back home. Going to a fine restaurant is a lovely experience, but your wallet might differ. You can still enjoy your favorite meals without spending an absorbent amount.

Stay in and order your special someone their favorite meal, paired with their favorite drink (whether, that be Champagne or soda), and when the night is through it’s just a short trip to the bedroom instead of a long commute home.

Make sure that you do all the cooking, cleaning and entertaining, throw on your partner’s favourite music, and maybe even pretend to be a waiter – suit and all!

Spa day

There’s nothing more relaxing than closing your eyes, inhaling calming aromas and feeling your muscles unwind with a massage. Get the ultimate couples spa experience with coupons under $50. They are the best way to pamper your partner – without having to do any work.

Ice skating

Do you own skates? Does your partner? Take advantage of living in the great white north and start basking in the winter weather.  

Well, there are a few things more romantic than ice skating under the stars, and here in the great white north you’ll have more than enough free skating rinks to choose from! Choose from a selection of arenas or better yet, skate under the stars and lights at your city’s local outdoor rink: most have FREE entrance! Bundle up and embrace each other on the ice as you glide together hand-in-hand. Finish off the night by warming yourselves up with a cup of hot cocoa to warm.

A Romantic Walk or Hike

Easily, one of the most simplest and intimate ways to spend time with your partner  is taking a slow walk in the cool, crisp evening air. Whether it’s  against the backdrop of city lights or the trees in the park, being outside is inherently relaxing and calming.

If you and your partner are more athletically inclined, or have a joint passion for the outdoors; challenge yourselves to a hike or trek together. Put on comfortable clothing and fasten your shoelaces, and go on a hiking trail. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your love and favorite activities.

Check out

Find unique places to get your romantic ideas flowing by checking out “MoneySaver.” Uncover an array of national chains and local businesses posting their latest deals on You can search by product or service to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Get coupons on gifts like electronics, jewelry, and more! Even find the perfect date idea thanks to a myriad of restaurant coupons and discounted activities. offers premium goods and services for a low price.

Browsing through does more than just save you money. You’ll find great ideas, products and services you’ve never thought of – but suddenly can’t live without. Discover an old favourite or try something new. After all, what is more romantic than embarking on a new adventure with the love of your life.

Remember, whatever you choose to do take the time to really enjoy each other’s company and embrace the moment. Because real romance starts with love you have for one another.

Women eating at a restaurant and smiling

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Toronto is one of the largest cities in North America, and one of the most international cities in the world. That means there are thousands of great restaurants in the city, serving dishes from around the world. With so many options to choose from, the only problem is deciding which one to choose!

Eating great food doesn’t have to be expensive, even in Toronto. Here are six of the city’s best restaurants (in no particular order) if you are looking for great food at a great price.

The Friendly Thai

The Friendly Thai in Leslieville Toronto has been a staple for 20 years, offering authentic Thai cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients, an intimate and casual atmosphere and (you guessed it!) friendly service.

There are a number of gluten free options on the menu along with all your Thai favourites. Get a FREE Avocado Chicken with a food order over $50 from The Friendly Thai. Offer expires January 29th.

El Furniture Warehouse

Located in the student annex, El Furniture Warehouse is part of a national chain of restaurants originally from Whistler. It offers a range of pub food favorites and options all priced at a very modest $4.95. The restraint oozes the laid-back west coast vibe that you would expect from a BC chain backed by pro surfers and skateboarders. Red Bull extreme sports are streamed on all the TVs, and the waiters wear shoes provided by the restaurant’s shoe sponsor (yes, you read that right): Vans.


Located in Kensington Market, Kooyi brings Korean street food to the streets of Toronto. The menu is packed full of authentic Korean street foods like kimchi fries, Korean fried chicken, bulgogi beef, and more. What is more impressive is that Kooyi is a one-man band, owned and operated by chef TJ who founded the restaurant after being frustrated by the lack of authentic Korean food options. There is a small eating area, and easy takeaway.  

Messini Authentic Gyros

Located on the Danforth along the Greektown strip (where else), Messini Authentic Gyros is one of the city’s most beloved Greek restaurants (and we have a lot). Offering probably the cheapest gyro in the city, Messini Authentic Gyros delivers pita packed with pork or chicken, tzatziki, veggies, and fried for under $5!

Queen’s Head

Located at 1218 Queen Street East in Leaseville Toronto, Queen’s Head has some of the best chicken wings in the city! Even better, they are now offering a delicious Wings Combo for $8.99 on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday’s. So hurry up and head to Queen’s Head for delivery and pick up today.  

Ka Ka Lucky

If you like Cantonese BBQ, then every day is your lucky day at Ka Ka Lucky, located on Broadview Avenue. Most of the menu items sell for around $5 making Ka Ka lucky an amazing deal. Noodle soup bowls are one of the most popular dishes and offer plenty of options including beef, tripe, shrimp, dumplings, lamb or fish balls and more!

Whether you are in the mood for Thai, Greek, Cantonese, Korean, or good old fashioned burgers, Toronto has it all that any international cuisine lover will enjoy.

Man stacking up the coins to see how much he is saving

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Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions involve saving money. If you are like millions of people around the world whose resolution was to save more money in the New Year, then achieve your goals by following these simple money saving tips:

Keep your change in a Jar

One of the most tried and true methods of saving is to simply keep all of your change in one location. It is easy to literally lose money if you keep your change in your pockets or your car. Keeping it in one central location makes it easy to access, and you can watch it grow.

Make a budget

Actually, make two budgets. First make a list of all of your expenses (you may have to make some estimates, but be honest with yourself) then, make a second budget removing any unnecessary expenses.

Cut the cord

Thanks to the rise of Netflix and many other streaming services more and more people are cancelling their cable bill and putting the money they’ve saved into savings. Unless you absolutely need a home phone then you should think about cutting that as well and pocketing the savings.

Make coffee at home

Instead of spending $5 or more a day on coffee buy an inexpensive (but reliable) coffee maker and make coffee yourself every morning. You’ll get far more coffee for a fraction of the cost. If you are a real coffee aficionado, then you may want to spend a little bit more so that you can make the specialty coffees you love.

Make the most of what you have

If you have a unique talent or skill, then you can advertise to take on small jobs in your free time on sites like Have an extra room? Make the most of it by renting it out long term or for a few days at a time on If you have a car and want to make back a bit of gas money then consider becoming an uber driver.  

Find and use coupons

Why pay full price when the key to finding great deals is just a click away? Use websites like to find all of the best deals in your local area. offers coupons in both mobile and printable formats, for local listings as well as national offers on a range of services and products including restaurants, entertainment, health and beauty, home improvement, automobile, entertainment, groceries, travel, and more. Save on your everyday expenses, track your savings, and then splurge guilt free on a just reward for your hard work. isn’t a subscription service, and you don’t even have to make an account. Print, send, and share coupons with your friends and family for even more savings. However, you can stay up to date on all of the latest deals, savings and contests with the email newsletter, simply by signing-up.

Small changes, big savings

Making a few small changes to your current lifestyle can quickly add up to big savings as long as you are committed to following through with your New Year’s resolution. Happy Saving!