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Halloween Parties on a BudgetWhen it comes to Halloween scary is the name of the game. You want to hold a frightening good party to celebrate the most ghoulish of days! There are so many amazing and creative ways to put your costume together and decorate your home. So, how can you hold a grand hallows eve event without a price tag out of a horror story? We have a few ideas to help you conceive the best party you can without sending your wallet to the grave!

Where? Hold your party at home or outdoors! There’s no reason to rent out a space if you already have it. If weather permits – hold your party outside! This will save so much time on cleaning and decorating, plus you can use the night to your advantage to enhance your setting. Chilly night? Dress up your home for the special occasion with amazing crafts and do it yourself decor!

How Should I Decorate? Good question. A great source for finding affordable decorations for your special occasion is through second hand stores like Salvation Army and Value Village or through searching classified ads on websites like Kijiji and Craigslist. Our favourite way to decorate is with our own crafty do it yourself creations! They are great fun to make, they can look great and if you make them well they can last for years with memories attached.

Here are some easy and common ideas:

1. Pumpkins: You can carve them, paint them, light them, put speakers in them or decorate them. They make an amazing decor item as they are versatile, inexpensive and if you plan enough in advance you can even grow them yourself. We recommend you buy your pumpkins as close to your occasion as possible so they look their best. You can even apply a bit of bleach and a sealant like petroleum jelly or WD40 to make them last even longer!

2. Scarecrows: Take old clothes (plaid and jeans are most often used), stuff them with straw, paper or other old clothing, and pose them how you want! It’s simple, easy and effective. Enhance your scarecrow setup with your own live scarecrow decoy. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a great jump out of people on Halloween.

3. Headstones: Turn your lawn into a graveyard! Take styrofoam or a similar stiff spongy material, cut it and paint it how you want to. It’s so easy and it’s great fun.

4. Haunted House: Replace your photos with fun and spooky pictures of ghoulish characters or have some fun photoshopping your family pictures into something scarier! Put up spooky silhouettes in your windows or behind sheets with dim lighting to illuminate them and make them stand out. Finish it all off with a fun and spooky doormat – grab one from the dollar store and decorate it your way.

Another great idea to put together decorations for your event it to have your guests bring their own! Hold a competition for the best DIY decor of the party. Have guests make their own and bring them – all you have to do is put a prize together for the winner! Want some more ideas? Check out this great article with wonderful DIY craft ideas:

Now what should you do for your costume? Look through old costumes that you can transform into something new and updated, try trading old costumes with a friend, check out second hand stores and online classifieds or just make an amazing costume yourself. Here are three great buzzfeed articles filled with amazing homemade costumes you can do yourself!

1. We loved these do it yourself costumes:

2. These 2-Person Costumes are super unique:

3. Brilliant costumes for groups and cars:

There it is – everything you need to create shock and awe for your Halloween celebration without a price tag out of a horror story! Tell us about your Halloween celebration plans – we would love to hear about them!