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Are you looking for a way to save a little extra money this Halloween? How about some great fun ideas for crafts that you and the family can enjoy? Maybe you’re just a crafty person looking for a way to show your unique seasonal decorations to all of your friends. We have an amazing list of unexpected items that make great and quick Halloween decor items. Here are some of our favourite do it yourself decorations for you to get ghoulish this season!


You might not look at a ladder and see a lot of room for creativity. They are awkward shaped and not always very pretty; however you would be surprised to see all the creative things the citizens of the internet have done with a simple ladder. Believe it or not, ladders are great as wall hung, leaning and freestanding shelves, hangers and organizers. This Halloween if you have an old ladder hanging around spice it up with a bit of seasonal themed paint – get artsy! Dress up your newly painted ladder with small pumpkins, candles and your favourite decor for all Hallows’ Eve.

String & Rope

Lots of people have old string and rope somewhere around the house. Weave and tie together your leftover materials creatively and you have your very own homemade spider and cobwebs! Dress appropriately with spiders and ghoulish figures and you have your own scary display for those 8 legged monsters!

Old Books

Have some neglected novels collecting dust around your home? Perfect! Your old books can easily transform into perfect tomes, grimoires and spellbooks! Just create your own cover and voila – You can transform Of Mice and Men into The Book of the Dead! Want to get extra creative? You can carve your book into a homemade statue or figurine. Just open the book and glue the front and back cover together and then shape your pages into the sculpture you want! Try a pumpkin!

Old Cages

Have an old cat, dog or bird cage sitting around? You can use them to create your own monster cage! Paint them, damage them and weather them. Fill them with spooky objects and make them look mysterious! Try putting some lighting on them for extra dramatic effect!


You can use damaged umbrellas to set your scene for Halloween. Pull the material off of the umbrella until it is down to the wire and you’re half way there. Cover it in cobwebs and scary things and you have your horror umbrella.

Jars, Bottles and Lids

If you have spare bottles and mason jars you can easily create some fun decorations for your home! All you need is a few spare candles, your jars and some crafty materials to decorate (card paper cut-outs, paint, etc.). Take your glass jar or bottle and stick a candle inside and decorate the outside to create your own pumpkin free jack-o-lantern. You can even use the leftover jar and bottle lids! We recommend taking your lids, painting them orange and bundling them in the middle so that they sit in the shape of a pumpkin.

Dryer Vent Hose

These funny looking ribbed tubes make for great craft material! They are very flexible and easy to work with. We recommend simply painting them orange, wrapping them in a circle and putting a bundle of sticks or cinnamon sticks in the middle. You can have a quick and cute DIY pumpkin in minutes!

Old Wreaths

Repurpose a typical fall wreath or old Christmas wreath for Halloween! It’s super easy. Spray paint it black, remove anything you can’t paint to a Halloween theme and add some cobwebs and spiders! You have your own scary wreath to greet all your guests this season.

Kitsch Art

Have old paintings lying around that you’ll never use? Fancy yourself an artist? Have a great time repurposing old artwork as new artwork! Paint creepy figures and seasonal themed imagery on to an old painting to make it something fun and new. Not an artist? Get stickers or print out what you want and just glue it on! Take that quaint old landscape painting hiding away and paste some zombies on it.

Corn Husk Dolls

Have you been enjoying the seasonal harvest? October is full of corn and chances are you’ll be having some this month before Halloween hits. Did you know you can use the husks of your corn to have some fun and make quirky and crafty decorations for your home? Corn husk dolls are simple and enjoyable to make for people of all ages. Get creative with some bits of yarn and spare cloth to make your dolls look like people. When you’re all done add some pins or burn marks and you have your very own voodoo doll!

Other Stuff

You can truly get craft with anything you have around the house! There are really too many options to list; however here are a few other things that you could also consider! Broken picture frames can be used with picture print-outs to create a fake haunted window to your house. Old and broken clay planter pots can be painted and put around your home or yard in any way you want – turn them into ghouls, pumpkins or even little tombstones. Have old clay lying around your house? Shape them into eyes, noses and mouths and stick them onto trees to turn them into monsters!

These are just a few great ideas to get your creativity stirring this month and to save you money on getting festive! We know you’re creative and we would love to see what you come up with. Let us know what you create this month, comment below!