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Coupons are for More than Groceries

As discussed in our previous entry, coupons as a way of saving money and promoting products have been around for over 200 years! It was not until they saw widespread use by large grocery chains in the 40’s that they really took hold as a marketing method. Now you can find coupons anywhere – yet you would be surprised to find out that many people only think to use them for their groceries! Coupons have become a popular method of saving money for many shoppers outside the grocery store. You might even be shocked to find out how many different things you can save on with coupons!

Coupons are for more than just groceries! You can find and claim coupons in our day for almost any type of purchase you’re going to make. The most popular categories for coupons for you to save with while shopping include restaurants, health products and services, home and garden products and services, automotive work, beauty items and services, entertainment of any kind, pets, travel and more! What kind of deals can you expect to find?


Coupons for restaurants are becoming very popular! Are you thinking of trying a new place but worried that maybe the food may not be worth the price or right for your taste? Well depending on the offers you find for the place you are interested in, you can take out all the risk of dining somewhere new to you. Popular offerings for restaurants include free desserts or appetizers, half price entrees, buy-one-get-one entree offers or dollar/percent discounts off full meals (often in the form of the classic “Two Can Dine” offers). Next time you’re planning a night on the town or simply want to try something new, see if you can inspire your decision with great savings with a great coupon!

Health and Beauty

Coupons for personal health and beauty are a less common but still very popular way to save. In fact, these coupons may not be as easy to find but frequently offer amazing deals on higher price services. When you think of how much that you can spend on health or beauty services (you could be spending up to 1000’s of dollars) is it really that shocking to think that you could save over $500 with a single coupon use? Many people don’t expect that they can save money on services such as teeth whitening, braces, glasses frames, hearing tests, massages, skin and hair treatments and so much more!

Home And Garden

Coupons for home and garden, similar to health and beauty, can be amazing sources of savings when you get work done. Think of how often you clean your ducts or install beautiful new flooring for your home? Not often right? Imagine how happy you’ll be to save big when you spend big on a long time investment such as doors for your home, roofing, duct cleaning or floor installation! Doing a spring renovation in 2015? See how much you can save in total on things you might not have expected.


Automotive coupons are a very popular method of saving money on the things we least want to. Car enthusiasts aside, not many people look forward to dishing out time and money for car maintenance. Coupons are a brilliant, quick and easy way to save on all of your automotive needs. Local auto shops are always offering great deals on oil changes, wheel alignments, tires, brake work and rust protection.

Coupons are also great for entertainment of any kind, pets, travel and even more! What was the most unexpected purchase you’ve ever saved money on with a coupon? We would love to hear your story! Let us know in the comments below.