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Digital CouponsIt truly takes knowledge of a subject’s past to effectively look into the future with a sense of perspective. In a recent blog, we discussed all the wonderful history behind the coupon. This week instead of looking back we are looking forward. Have you ever thought to yourself how much couponing has evolved from the paper ticket days of their inception. Have you ever wondered what the future of coupons will look like?

Coupons have come a long way from slips of paper. Coupons are now in every place and every format, and digital has become the name of the game! In the past, the main way of getting coupons was through clipping them from magazines, newspapers, in-store displays and direct mail. Now coupons are available from a variety of sources including blogs, websites, social media, mobile coupon apps, digital wallets, iBecon and other push devices and more!

Blogs & Websites

The days of scouring through magazines, newspapers and store displays may not be over, but they are slowly fading into the past. You can put your subscriptions to rest and stop making trips to the store for newspapers and other publications. Blogs and websites are the way to go! There is a wealth of different blogs and websites focused on deals, coupons, contests, sweepstakes, etc. Websites and blogs can be perfect for finding exactly the types of coupons you want for the types of stores you are going to be shopping at. Mommy coupon websites, college blogs, extreme couponers, frequent travelers, local shoppers, online shoppers, big box shoppers, mom-n-pop shoppers – it doesn’t matter where you want to spend your money because online you can most likely find a perfect way to save!

Social Media

If you are loyal to a certain store or brand and want to get all the best coupons to save money while spending at your favourite places you should follow them on social media! In recent times, social media has become a hotspot for companies and brands to communicate with their customers. Many stores and brands like to reward their fans by making sure they don’t miss an opportunity to save on their products!

Mobile Apps & Digital Wallets

Mobile apps and digital wallets are the most popular way to collect and connect to your favourite coupon websites and applications from anywhere you are. Many popular sites have their own corresponding apps and there is also a great variety of stand alone coupon apps to choose from! In addition to website produced and stand alone apps, many stores have created their own mobile shopping apps in which you can connect with them and get specialized coupons directly from the store while shopping on the go! Next time you’re on the go check out how you can save from your smartphone or mobile device!

iBeacon & Push Devices

More and more people are shopping and searching for coupons or ways to save money while on the go. Retailers and coupon distributors have realised this and have innovated the way they are communicating with their users. This method uses geo-targeting through proximity activated bluetooth signals and other similar methods to push notifications directly to users mobile devices. You could be shopping in a nearby plaza and get prompted by one of the stores to enter and show them a message or coupon code to partake in special promotions! Some stores are even using this technology to guide user’s entire shopping experience!

There is no telling what the future can hold for the evolution of coupons! 200 years ago many people would have never imagined how coupons have changed to their present day state. Try to picture how much they could change in another 200 years – what do you think the future of coupons could hold? We would love to hear your thoughts, please comment below!