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Post HalloweenHalloween is upon us and everywhere is full of spooky scenes and characters. It can be a frightening time but when dawn rises on November 1st all will be safe again – including your wallet! It’s no secret that going all out on Halloween can leave you and your bank account feeling spent. You’ve probably just spent a fair amount on new Halloween decorations, costumes, lighting, music, food and certainly candy. The last thing you’re going to want to do is spend more money after the fact; however you may be missing out on some great savings! Here are some great suggestions for saving your money after Halloween.

1. Post-Holiday Sales

As is the truth with most seasonal holidays, once the event has passed the things people buy to celebrate them remain in stores. You will certainly find Halloween candy, decorations, costumes and more store shelves still. The products remain but the demand for them is gone. These often get thrown back into storage on a lonely back shelf or even possibly disposed of. This is a great opportunity for you to save! Chances are these items will be heavily discounted due to the lack of people still seeking to buy them and the stores seeking to get rid of them as quickly as they can.

This can be a great opportunity to get cheap candy which can be super convenient for easy additions to lunches for yourself or your children, or even just for get-togethers you may have in the following months. You can often find big savings on decor and costumes as well! You might find some nice usable fall themed items that could still be a nice addition to your seasonal setup at home. This could even be a great time to start planning for next year! Check out local thrift and department stores to see what might inspire your mind to come up with super fun ideas for Halloween 2015.

2. Saves and Trades

People too often use what they need when they need it and then discard it. You might have perfectly good costumes, decorations and more left over from your Halloween events that you may be tempted to get rid of. Keep them! If there is something you can save for next year’s holiday, why not save it? You might be tired of your costumes and decorations, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is – maybe you can trade them with friends or family! Ask around to see if anyone you know liked what you were featuring for Halloween and see if they would trade them for something they are willing to let go. Lots of people know that one person who has a new Halloween setup every year – don’t hesitate to find out if they’re willing to give them to you!

3. Repurpose and Restore

Are some of your current decorations or costumes getting old? Consider repurposing current Halloween decor into festive fall seasonal decorations. For instance, you could take your leftover fake pumpkins and organize them into a nice centerpiece with some assorted fall coloured leaves, pine cones, wicker decorations or other popular seasonal sights! You could even simply take a beloved item from Halloweens past and update it with a new coat of paint, some gloss or whatever your heart desires!

Are you already planning for next year’s Halloween? Let us know what your plans are and how you’ll be saving. Leave your comments below!