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The season of giving is coming closer every day; however that doesn’t meant that you should wait until Christmas to give. There is so much in November that you can do to help others while helping yourself. In honor of National Philanthropy Day in Canada, we would like to bring attention to how you can help others.


There are so many ways you can save money and use it to help others this National Philanthropy Day. In fact, did you know that a recent study by the Chronicle of Philanthropy ( released statistics showing that on average that people with lower incomes on average donate more than higher income families?  You can find details at This goes to show that even if you’re on a budget you can still do a lot with your time and money to help out another person.


Contests for Philanthropy

There are so many opportunities out there to get yourself awesome and free goodies just in exchange for a little information and some of your time. Entering and taking advantage of the perks of sweepstakes, contests, hidden deals, competitions, coupons, promotions and so much more can provide you with lots of great free things. There are so many chances out there to get free things that you may or may not need. Have you ever considered how rewarding this could be to somebody who truly needs these things? What if you won a free trip, gift certificate or a tablet you got for switching service providers – do you really need it? It probably feels nice to win something regardless of your desire for the actual product. Did you know that there is somebody out there that could find these gifts life changing? What if you could provide something you got for free to an individual who couldn’t afford it otherwise? You would feel even more gratified if you took this wonderful item you’ve received and gifted it out of the kindness of your heart. Next time you’re a winner think of how much luckier someone else could feel if they were you and consider donating what you win. You can be a real winner and help out someone in need.


Save for Philanthropy

It does not matter if you’re a big saver or if you retain a couple extra dollars, you have the ability to make a real difference in another family’s life. Do you take pride in tracking what you save? What if saving money could provide you with a deeper satisfaction in knowing that instead of working to save yourself some dollars, you’ve been working to put some extra dollars into the hands of a family truly in need. This could be a great opportunity to fine tune how you track your savings to know exactly how much money you’re keeping! You can take that and donate all or a percent of it to help out another person. Imagine your one dollar contributing to putting food on a family’s table. Next time you go shopping track how much you save and think to yourself how much this could buy to help out another person. Consider saving for philanthropy.


Share Your Coupons

Collect extra coupons, coupons you won’t use and coupons that you think others could benefit from and share them! It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out your couponing lifestyle or if you’re a seasoned extreme couponing veteran. Do some research in your local area and discover the wealth of food banks, clothing drives, shopping and assistance services and anyone else that you think could use some great coupons and give them away! There are countless individuals in need of many different things – and you can help them! You never know how much a series of coupons could contribute to the amount of food, clothing and other items that a charity purchasing program can bring in.


Don’t Throw It Away!

Have you gone on a shopping spree lately? Christmas shopping, holiday clothes, spring cleaning and other significant occasions for spending are great opportunities to give back. You’re probably so overjoyed with all of your new stuff that the things you have replaced may get stored away and forgotten. Did you know that what is old and used to you could still be really valuable to somebody less fortunate than yourself? Make a regular occasion of going through all the things you’ve replaced recently and ask yourself – could somebody else still value this? You could even take an extra step and restore or refurbish what you’ve replaced and make it something new for someone else! Don’t throw it out if it’s still good – donate what you don’t need!


Save Extra Give Extra

There is a wealth of deals and coupons offering to buy one get one free, buy 2 for the price of 3, buy 4 get the 5th one free. Do you really need that extra shirt, those 3 extra boxes of food? When you go shopping, do you face the dilemma of using a buy one get one deal or coupon when you really don’t need that extra? Have you ever considered that you really may not need them? What if you donated what you don’t need to someone who does? You’re getting a great deal on something that you may not need but could significantly impact the quality of life for somebody else. Have you considered that someone else might be in dire need of them? Give this your thought. Next time you take advantage of a buy one get one deal, consider donating your extras to a family in need.


Take in the spirit of National Philanthropy Day this year and see what difference you can make this November! Let us know what you do for someone else this month – we would love to hear your story!