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Secret Santa is considered a staple in gift exchanging during the holiday season between co-workers, social groups and large families. It is a way to bring people together who aren’t that close with each other and avoid the awkwardness of directly giving a gift to someone you don’t know that well. However if you’re tired of doing Secret Santa the old fashion way, here are a few innovative ideas to spice up your Secret Santa gift exchange this holiday season.


  1. Stealing Secret Santa


In this version of Secret Santa, participants will bring a gift-wrapped present and each present will be numbered, the same as you would normally do during this event; however the main difference is that participants can steal another participant’s Secret Santa present. For example the first person to draw a number gets that numbered present. The first person then unwraps the gift and reveals to all participants what the gift he opened was. The second participant then has one of two options: the participant can either steal that opened gift and claim it as theirs or they can draw a number and open an unwrapped present. The process continues until everyone has gone and selected a present. Stealing Secret Santa is one of those games where you want to go last!


  1. Casino Style Secret Santa


Nothing brings in the holiday season then adding some gambling components into the mix. For Casino Style Secret Santa, participants bring a wrapped gift. Then each person also has to put a specific amount of money into a pot. Each participant has two options: they can either choose a gift, just as if they were playing regular secret Santa or they can decide to go for the money. If they decide to go for the money they have to put their name in a draw. Once all participants have gone through their turns, then whoever wins the draw gets all the uncollected presents and the money from the pot.


  1. Secret Santa Auction


In this version, all participants bring a gift and are allotted a certain number of points. Each wrapped gift will be put up for auction. Once a participant wins a bid for a gift, they get the gift and will only have left over points that they didn’t use for the auction to bid again. For example, if a participant starts off with 100 points and uses up 35 points for a gift, they only have 65 points remaining to use for the rest of the auction. Secret Santa is always a great way to get to know people you don’t usually socialize with or a way to meet new people; however adding a touch of style to your Secret Santa gift giving will not make it more exciting but memorable for years to come.


Are you holding a Secret Santa event this holiday season? Tell us about it!