Money Saver contest winner holding up their winnings

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How awesome would it feel to win $500? Imagine the many different things you could do with an extra five hundred dollars:  Buy that one special item you’ve been eyeing, get something for that special someone, go on a mini vacation. The possibilities are endless… and it only takes  one simple step, Subscribe to Club MoneySaver!

That’s how our latest MoneySaver Contest Winner, Yvonne from Mississauga won $500 worth of Visa Gift Cards! All she did was sign up to for our mailing list to receive instant deals and be entered into our online contest. When you sign up, you’ll receive emails not only for new coupons in your area, but our monthly newsletter filled with new recent and upcoming events, ideas and tips about places to eat, cities to visit, smart ways to shop and how to save money!

We asked Yvonne, how she’ll be spending her prize now that she has an extra $500.

“Retail therapy! Everyone needs a little personal shopping” she said with a laugh. “Having a little more in your pocket goes a long way.” With excitement she replied,  “the kids will need something too, I can’t forget about them at home.” She went on to discuss her thoughts about MoneySaver. “I love it! I’ll definitely  be telling the ladies in the office to sign-up, this is a great way to save money especially when they’re located near home.”

Out of hundreds of entries, we randomly narrowed it down to one lucky winner. We’re happy Yvonne will thoroughly enjoy her prize! We want to thank all of our contestants that signed up for a chance to win, and receive online coupons and deals from  local businesses in their city. We always love hearing from all our users and the many ways can help in their day-to-day lives.  
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