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Tis’ the season, but you might not have caught the Christmas spirit as of yet. Finding the perfect holiday gifts can turn the festive season into the stress-tive season. Thankfully, there are some great deals available on that will not only make your holiday shopping easier, but more affordable.

Finding the perfect gift

When looking for the perfect gift, you should try to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Know your budget (that’s the easy part!)
  2. Stick to your budget (not as easy, but is here to help.)
  3. Decide whether you want to give a practical gift, or something a little bit less conventional.
  4. Know the person for whom you’re buying the gift. What do they like? Is there anything they need? Have they recently made a big purchase? Have they entered a new stage in life? (e.g. newly married, off to university, or are they a new parent)?

Three unique gift ideas:

Mini Golf

Looking to buy a gift for your son or daughter? Why not take them and their friends mini golfing? Giving them an experience, rather than a toy can be more fun and memorable for everyone.

If you are a grandparent looking for a gift for your grandchild, then chances are the present they want most is to spend more time with you! Take them mini-golfing. A toy may (or may not) last the year, but the memories from a fun day out will last a lifetime. At Super Putt in Niagara Falls, mini-golfing is not only fun, but you’ll also get 50% off admission.

Gifts for an important day or vacation

One great thing about the holidays is that you can buy people gifts they really need, but might not buy for themselves. These ideas are perfect for a bride-to-be or anyone getting ready for a winter getaway.

Smile Dental Centre is offering a $250 Home Whitening Kit for FREE! Some conditions apply and you will have to call them for details,nonetheless it is a great deal. This gift idea is perfect for anyone who has thought about teeth whitening kit or a wanted a pearly white smile, but has never gone through with it on their own.

Nothing is more annoying than shaving; it is time consuming, expensive to regularly stock up on razors, and causes cuts and skin irritation. If your partner is sick of shaving, as many people are, then we have the perfect gift for them! RedWood Medi Spa and Wellness Centre is offering $100 off laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is safe, effective, and thanks to this moneysaver coupon, affordable!

White teeth, smooth skin, the only thing missing is a beautiful tan! Soleil Spa in Toronto is offering 50% off UltraBed tanning.

The gift of independence

A driving course makes the perfect gift for someone who has recently turned 16 and is looking to get on the road. If you are a parent, giving your son or daughter a driving course as a present will also give you some much needed peace of mind. The regular price of a driving course from Abacus Driving Academy is $499 but with this $110 coupon it costs just $389. Save some money while learning how to drive.