romantic valentine's day ideas

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Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to the love we have for our significant others and partners, but also for family and friends too. But, despite what all the jewelry ads would have you believe, the size of your credit card bill does not have to be proportionate to the size of your love. Not breaking the bank doesn’t mean you’ll break your partner’s heart. Saving and romance are not mutually exclusive; you can have a Valentine’s Day to remember without spending all your money. Here’s how:

Stay in!

Going out for a romantic dinner at one of the city’s finest restaurants is nothing to scoff at. You have to make reservations, find parking, navigate through cold winter weather, and go all the way back home. Going to a fine restaurant is a lovely experience, but your wallet might differ. You can still enjoy your favorite meals without spending an absorbent amount.

Stay in and order your special someone their favorite meal, paired with their favorite drink (whether, that be Champagne or soda), and when the night is through it’s just a short trip to the bedroom instead of a long commute home.

Make sure that you do all the cooking, cleaning and entertaining, throw on your partner’s favourite music, and maybe even pretend to be a waiter – suit and all!

Spa day

There’s nothing more relaxing than closing your eyes, inhaling calming aromas and feeling your muscles unwind with a massage. Get the ultimate couples spa experience with coupons under $50. They are the best way to pamper your partner – without having to do any work.

Ice skating

Do you own skates? Does your partner? Take advantage of living in the great white north and start basking in the winter weather.  

Well, there are a few things more romantic than ice skating under the stars, and here in the great white north you’ll have more than enough free skating rinks to choose from! Choose from a selection of arenas or better yet, skate under the stars and lights at your city’s local outdoor rink: most have FREE entrance! Bundle up and embrace each other on the ice as you glide together hand-in-hand. Finish off the night by warming yourselves up with a cup of hot cocoa to warm.

A Romantic Walk or Hike

Easily, one of the most simplest and intimate ways to spend time with your partner  is taking a slow walk in the cool, crisp evening air. Whether it’s  against the backdrop of city lights or the trees in the park, being outside is inherently relaxing and calming.

If you and your partner are more athletically inclined, or have a joint passion for the outdoors; challenge yourselves to a hike or trek together. Put on comfortable clothing and fasten your shoelaces, and go on a hiking trail. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your love and favorite activities.

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Browsing through does more than just save you money. You’ll find great ideas, products and services you’ve never thought of – but suddenly can’t live without. Discover an old favourite or try something new. After all, what is more romantic than embarking on a new adventure with the love of your life.

Remember, whatever you choose to do take the time to really enjoy each other’s company and embrace the moment. Because real romance starts with love you have for one another.