spring cleaning and home improvement ideas

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Spring has sprung! The sun shines brighter, the days are longer, and the warmer weather is here to stay.  The chill of winter has left our bones and we’re feeling renewed with a sense of urgency to scour the house clean. With warm weather here, it’s clear to see that we may not have been giving our homes the TLC they deserve. Now is the perfect time to go through your home and give it a thorough inspection. Look for any repairs or maintenance required. Completely rid your home of dirt and dust that has accumulated over the long dark season. We found the perfect spring cleaning and home improvement coupons to get you “springing” into action:

Electrical Home Inspection

Check to see if every switch works or if there are any wires exposed. If something doesn’t have proper electrical current – it’s time to get it fixed. Don’t be left in the dark get, $100 OFF electrical work in the home and get yourself back on the grid.

Laundry Day

Whether we do it on more than one occasion or different times for different loads, we can agree that both the washer and dryer get used more than frequently. All the months or years of exhaust buildup from lint, dust and debris can be hazardous. Relax and breathe easier when you receive FREE dryer vent cleaning when you purchase duct cleaning for your home.

Clean the Floors

Walking around outside during the winter isn’t fun, and neither is bringing your shoes indoors – they dirty your floors fast. Without having to break your back, you can now achieve the brightest and cleanest carpets with FREE Small Area Rug Cleaning when you order at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. You won’t have to look at the same old carpet stain ever again.

Window Cleaning 

The winter really wreaks havoc on windows. From the accumulation of snow, rain and dirt windows become grimy and covered with a layer of film. Start seeing clearer with $20 OFF Window Cleaning at Central Okanagan Grime Stoppers. Get your home’s windows washed and you’ll start appreciating the wonderful views of the neighborhood.

There are many more home cleaning coupons available at MoneySaver.ca to help get your spring cleaning completed faster and on budget. Remember, you don’t have to clean out your wallet to have a clean home!