march break things to do

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Staying home over March Break? Perhaps a road trip to Disneyland isn’t in the budget this year and that’s okay, because there are so many activities you can do locally that can be just as fun and entertaining for the whole family.  Here are some ideas for things to do during March Break that’ll keep the kids happy and won’t break the bank:


Some parents continue to work through March Break and they need a safe, yet fun place to leave their kids while they’re at work. Day camps are the best option for working parents, you can choose from so many different types of camps based on your child’s interests like soccer, dance, music, art, adventure, gymnastics, and even science camps. Here is some information on day camps available in the Mississauga and Toronto areas. Your child will be able to have a full day of fun and activities with other children that share similar interests as opposed to staying home glued to their tablets!


Plan a “staycation” and become a local tourist in your city. Our daily routines can sometimes become patterns that we forget to check out new things in our own town. Check out a local museum, art gallery, or park. Then finish the day off with a new restaurant.


Dedicate one whole day of March Break to pampering yourself head to toe. Most women can agree that getting your hair done, followed by a manicure and pedicure, can actually take all day. That is of course, with a lunch and coffee break between it all. Why not?! We can all use, and deserve, a break whenever we can squeeze it in.


Check out good places to eat in your area! Treat you and your family to a night of good ol’ take-out comfort food. We all deserve to indulge once in awhile. Save money with food and restaurant coupons on Money Saver, just click, print, and save.


On a normal week, it’s hard to find the time to get some work done around the house between work and the kids, but during March Break, we can certainly find the time for it. Pull out your gardening gloves, rake, and water can. Start prepping your home and garden for Spring and clear out any trash and debris that may of been left behind on your lawn after the snow melted.  Plant some green!

Go for a full car wash and wash away the remaining traces of road salt from your car.  Give your car a good vacuum and polish inside and out. You can find deals and coupons for car washes and vehicle maintenance.

For all other things to do during March Break, browse Money Saver for coupons and offers to restaurants, entertainment, beauty, health, and more near you.