Why More Restaurants Should Offer Free Online Coupons

Food coupons are a convenient tool for restaurants to use to increase business, get new people to try their food, or shift the pressure to different menu items. With the advent of online coupon sites, restaurants can spread their coupons even further, reaching people who don’t frequent the restaurant often, like tourists or those who prefer a competitor.

While online couponing sites are beneficial, they’re not all equal. Some are free to use and others will cut into your bottom line. Seeing as you’re already reducing your revenue when you offer a restaurant coupon, why cut it down even more?

How Groupon Works

Groupon is a classic example of a paid couponing site. You can list your coupons on the site for free, but they take a huge chunk of any sales you make. Groupon usually takes fifty percent of what your customer pays. Plus, you have to cover the credit card fees if the customer chooses to use one. There are other hidden fees you might have to pay depending on which services you choose to use.

Overall, that’s a pretty significant cut, especially if you’re already offering a large discount on the coupon itself. So, many restaurants decide that offering a coupon through an online paid site like Groupon isn’t in their best interests. But, there’s another option, MoneySaver.ca

How Money Saver Works

Free couponing sites like Money Saver don’t take a cut off each coupon. Instead, you get everything your customer spends. You can have a free account with MoneySaver that allows you to host coupons through the site that are searchable for customers. You can remind customers about coupons and they can save them, all for free.

If you want a few more features, including a branded landing page, Money Saver charges a small monthly fee. When you get your Money Saver account with a business profile page it costs only $34.99 per month.

This low cost has several benefits. You don’t have to worry about offering too many coupons, you don’t have to try to limit the discount you offer, and you don’t have to share your revenue with Money Saver.

Thus, you get all of the benefits of offering coupons online, without the huge cost that traditional coupon vendors like Groupon charge.

Why Choose a Business Profile Page?

When you get a business profile page on MoneySaver.ca , you also get a featured coupon listing on the homepage and coupon performance statistics, so you can assess how well your coupons are doing and their impact on your business.

The truth is, restaurants have to be careful not to offer discounts only to people who would be eating at your business anyway—or you just devalue your food. Money Saver allows you to keep track of how your coupons are being used. A Business Profile Page is only $34.99 per month. There are several other benefits included in this package that can help your restaurant capture more business. Read about it here, or reach out to DRMG for a quote.

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